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San Antonio Radiculopathy

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Radiculopathy is the compression of a nerve root due to injury or illness. At Neuromuscular and EMG Specialists of Texas, our San Antonio neurologist, Dr. Wong, offers diagnostic testing and treatment for patients experiencing the symptoms of radiculopathy.

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Determining the Cause of the Problem

Radiculopathy is caused by changes in the bones, tendons, and tissues surrounding the nerve roots. As the tissues change or shift, the spaces where nerve roots travel in the spine may become narrowed, causing foraminal stenosis. The first presenting symptom of radiculopathy in the arm is often pain that radiates from the shoulder blades to the arm and hands. When it occurs in the lower back, radiculopathy uses causes a painful sensation from the buttocks down the legs to the feet. This latter condition is known more familiarly as ‘Sciatica.' Dr. Wong offers diagnostic services to determine the cause and most effective treatment option for patients with radiculopathy in San Antonio.

The causes of radiculopathy may include:

  • Herniated discs
  • Bone spurs
  • Thickening of spinal ligaments
  • Spinal infections
  • Cancerous and non-cancerous growths in the spine

Diagnosing radiculopathy often requires a physical exam, imaging tests, nerve conduction studies, and electromyography. Dr. Wong is board certified in both neurology and electrodiagnostic medicine by the American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine (ABEM), the only accrediting body for neuromuscular procedures such as EMG, nerve conduction study, and neuromuscular ultrasound.

Treating Radiculopathy

The treatment for radiculopathy varies depending on several factors, such as the cause of the condition, the location of the problem, and the severity of the symptoms. Treatment options may include medications, physical therapy, steroid injections, and surgery. Weight loss may also be recommended to help reduce pressure on the affected area.

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