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Stiff Person Syndrome Treatment in San Antonio

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Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS) is a rare neurological disorder and autoimmune disease. Dr. Wong of Neuromuscular and EMG Specialists of Texas is a board-certified and fellowship-trained neurologist in San Antonio focusing on all areas of neurology and neuromuscular medicine. His extensive training and experience allow him to effectively diagnose even the most complex conditions, including Stiff Person Syndrome.

If you experience any symptoms of SPS or another neurological disorder, call (210) 962-5557 for an appointment  with our San Antonio neurologist.

Causes & Symptoms of Stiff Person Syndrome

Stiff Person Syndrome causes progressive stiffness in the truncal muscles. This rigidity first affects the abdominal and lumbar muscles before affecting the legs. Stiff posture and a rigid gait are commonly seen with this disorder and become more pronounced as the disease progresses. The symptoms and progression can vary among patients, but this disease is most often diagnosed in middle age.

The symptoms of stiff person syndrome often include:

  • Muscle stiffness
  • Rigid gait
  • Impaired mobility
  • Acute pain
  • Spasms
  • Sensitivity to touch and sound
  • Frequent falls

As the disease progresses, the individual may lose the ability to bend over or walk. Pain level and symptoms can increase or decrease over time. Symptoms often become more pronounced due to stress, infection, and cold temperatures. Sleep and rest may decrease symptoms.

One single test to diagnose SPS does not exist. Electromyography (EMG) can be used to detect involuntary motor nerve firing and spasms in the muscles. Laboratory testing can also help with diagnosis, though many types of SPS have a negative lab workup. We offer EMG for the diagnosis of Stiff Person Syndrome in San Antonio.

Prognosis & Treatment of Stiff Person Syndrome

There is currently no cure for SPS, but treatment can be effective at controlling the symptoms. Treatment options include anti-convulsant drugs, muscle relaxants, intravenous immunoglobulin, anti-anxiety medications, and pain relievers, all of which can help reduce symptoms.

Because appropriate treatment can control symptoms of Stiff Person Syndrome, don’t wait to get help. Call our office today at (210) 962-5557 for an appointment.

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